The Simple IoT update client facilitates updating software. Currently, it is designed to download images for use by the Yoe Updater. The process can be executed manually, or there are options to automatically download and install new updates.

updater ui

There are several options:

  • Update server: HTTP server that contains the following files:
    • files.txt: contains a list of update files on the server
    • update files named: <prefix>_<version>.upd
      • version should follow Semantic Versioning: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH
      • prefix must match what the updater on the target device is expecting -- typically host/machine name.
  • Prefix: described above -- typically host/machine name. This is autodetected on first startup, but can be changed if necessary.
  • Dest dir: Destination directory for downloaded updates. Defaults to /data.
  • Chk interval: time interval at which the client checks for new updates.
  • Auto download: option to periodically check the server for new updates and download the latest version.
  • Auto reboot/install: option to auto install/reboot if a new version is detected and downloaded.