Architecture Decision Records

This directory is used to capture Simple IoT architecture and design decisions.

For background on ADRs see Documenting Architecture Decisions by Michael Nygard. Also see an example of them being used in the NATS project. The Go proposal process is also a good reference.


When thinking about architectural changes, we should lead with documentation. This means we should start a branch, draft a ADR, and then open a PR. An associated issue may also be created.

ADRs should used primarily when a number of approaches need to be considered, thought through, and we need a record of how and why the decision was made. If the task is a fairly straightforward implementation, write documentation in the existing User and Reference Guide sections.

When an ADR is accepted and implemented, a summary should typically be added to the Reference Guide documentation.

See for a template to get started.


ADR-1Consider changing/expanding point data type
ADR-2Authorization considerations.
ADR-3Node lifecycle
ADR-4Notes on storing and transfering time
ADR-5How do we ensure we have valid time