SIOT provides a client for pulling data from Particle provide modules to quickly implement cellular connected MCU based IoT systems. They take care of managing the device (cellular connection, firmware deployments, etc.), and you only need to write the application.

The Particle cloud event API is used to obtain the data. A connection is made from the SIOT instance to the Particle Cloud and then data is sent back to SIOT using Server Sent Events (SSE). The advantage of this mechanism is that complex web hooks are not needed on the
SIOT side, which requires additional firewall/web server configuration.

A Particle API key is needed which can be generated using the particle token CLI command.


The above example shows data provided by the Particle based Simple IoT Particle Gateway and 1-wire temperature sensors, and SIOT firmware.

Data is is published to Particle in the following format:

		"id": "4B03089794485728",
		"type": "temp",
		"value": 15.25

The SIOT Particle client populates the point key field with the 1-wire device ID.

(In the future, we will likely change the format slightly to be named points, instead of sample)