The Simple IoT project is still in a heavy development phase. Most of the core concepts are stable, but APIs, packet formats, and implementation will continue to change for some time yet. SIOT has been used in several production systems to date with good success, but be prepared to work with us (report issues, help fix bugs, etc.) if you want to use it now.

Handling of high rate sensor data

Currently each point change requires quite a bit computation to update the HASH values in upstream graph nodes. For repetitive data, this is not necessary as new values are continually coming in, so we will at some point make an option to specify points values as repetitive. This will allow SIOT to scale to more devices and higher rate data.

User Interface

The web UI is currently polling the SIOT backend every 4 seconds via HTTP. This works OK for small data sets, but uses more data than necessary and has a latency of up to 4s. Long term we will run a NATS client in the frontend over a websocket so the UI response is real-time and new data gets pushed to the browser.


Currently, and device that has access to the system can write or write to any data in the system. This may be adequate for small or closed systems, but for larger systems, we need per-device authn/authz. See issue #268, PR #283, and our security document for more information.


Any issues we find during testing we log in Github issues, so if you encounter something unexpected, please search issues first. Feel free to add your observations and let us know if an issues is impacting you. Several issues to be aware of:

  • we don't handle loops in the graph tree yet. This will render the instance unusable and you'll have to clean the database and start over.